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Worth the money?

When you ask friends who hired a wedding videographer for their wedding, none of them ever regret it.

Our wedding video is a life-like memory of your wedding. You will see things that you otherwise would have missed on your special day. You can share your video on social media and it will be a keepsake for your future children. The truth is your wedding video will be one of the only things that you will still have of the day in 50 years. The cake and flowers are long gone. But you can always look back at your wedding video to re experience it all. It’s worth every penny.


Videography might not be as expensive as your think

As a Colorado based videographer, I revel at the chance to travel to new places for work. I am willing to cover travel costs for the opportunity to shoot your wedding video in a beautiful new location.

I will cover my flight and hotel for up to $400.


How much will it cost?

Gold Package $1495

Platinum Package $2495

Flight from Denver to Cancun $255

+ Hotel 2 Nights $245

= $500 - $400 Travel Credit

You only pay $100 more than a wedding shot in my hometown of Denver

Other Videographers charge $4000-$6000

Gold Package

  • $1495

  • 5 minute Highlight Recap montage ( Allow 4 Weeks )

  • Ceremony Video with Audio ( Allow 4 Weeks )

  • Speeches Video with Audio ( Allow 4 Weeks )

  • All Videos in HD

Platinum Package

  • $2495

  • 5 minute Highlight Recap ( Allow 4 Weeks )

  • Ceremony Video with Audio ( Allow 4 Weeks )

  • Speeches Video with Audio ( Allow 4 Weeks )


  • 40 Minute Cinematic Wedding Film ( Allow 6 Weeks )

  • 1 minute Instagram edit (within 1 week)

  • Drone Footage

  • 2 Cameras for Ceremony

  • Shoot Rehearsal Dinner

  • All Videos in 4K

We love Dugan!!! Our wedding was crazy, and he was right there with us all day. Making us laugh when it could have been a lot more stressful. Our video came out so good! It was everything we needed and more! Definitely recommend him for your wedding video too.
— Daniel F.

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