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I am Dugan of Dugan Media. I am here to offer you my absolute best quality wedding video in Denver, CO. I am a self taught multi skilled artist and experienced video producer with a passion for making wedding magic. I know I can make your wedding day more special and memorable by creating epic cinematic wedding videos. I have a number of advanced filmmaking techniques to make your wedding video stand out as a creative film personalized for you. My team and I are committed to making high-quality wedding videos at very fair prices. Your absolute satisfaction and glee when you see your wedding film is my mission.


Wedding videography for normal people



I make creative, high quality wedding videography for regular couples. People just like me and my fiance. I see beauty in all the little details during the day. Beauty is my inspiration, and your smiles and laughter and hugs will be remembered for lifetimes to come. Every single client I have ever worked with has been thrilled with their epic wedding film. I will always strive to exceed the quality of work I was capable of the week before. I am driven to make better films every single time I shoot and edit. I am here to help each couple through the process and make you feel comfortable with the camera the entire day.   




Wedding cinematography is a style of mimicking hollywood movies in things like color grading and use of specific shutter speeds and framerates. It is a more elegant and polished presentation of a wedding videography. It is a more cinematic demonstration of your wedding moments. I imply all my skills, knowledge, creativity and technical expertise to produce something one-of-a-kind. My cinematic wedding films will use buttery HD slow motion, epic drone footage and hollywood style motion blur. There is quite a bit a of technical knowledge that most people don’t care to hear about, but if you like to talk about the process and gear used, I love nerding out about filmmaking. But you just need to show up and be your best self. If you are a camera shy person, that is not a problem at all. Just let me guide you and believe me, you will nail it!      



I use profession cinema drone for super crisp and stable 4K footage of your venue and surrounding beauty. Won’t you prefer your wedding videography with exciting and stuning visual effects? If so, choose a package with wedding drone videography instead of a regular wedding video. We have all seen drone footage in movies and they really add a very high quality polished look and feel to a scene. Drone wedding videography will add exciting visual stimulation to any film. A drone camera captures the big picture, the whole area is clearly shown in a way that a regular camera can’t. I am sure most people will want an aerial view wedding video, check pricing for adding drone to a package that does not already include it. Go for the drone in your video. Nobody ever regrets this add on.


Colorado Wedding Videography

Here at Dugan Media, we specialize in wedding videography in Colorado and destinations around the world. Dugan Media may be your best Colorado wedding video option for romantic, fun documentation of your wedding day. An affordable videography service for Denver area and beyond. Your wedding day is a very special moment in your lives and it will go by so fast. Your ceremony video and audio is very important to have a record of later in life, but it’s only a small part of your day. We will be there all day to make sure everything goes smoothly. We work with your day-of coordinator to plan exactly where and when all of the special moments will be, like cake cutting and first dance.

We believe that the quality of our artistry is of the upmost importance and designed our packages to ensure that each wedding we film has every bit of the absolute best moments to create a cinematic, artistic rendering of your wedding day.





  1. Ceremony Edit,  2 cameras, high-quality audio

  2. 6 hours of coverage with all raw files

  3. One Cinematographer, Ceremony + Reception

  4. Digital Download,  HD MP4 files of your Ceremony Edit

  5. High Quality HD 1080 Video

  6. High Quality Audio





  1. Highlights Video -  edited to one song ~3-5 mins long

  2. Ceremony Video - 2 camera angles edited together with audio

  3. Speeches Video - A recording of all of the speeches

  4. 8 hours of coverage with 1 Cinematographer

  5. Highest Quality 4K Video Recording

  6. Highest Quality Audio Recording

  7. Free Raw Footage, Just provide a zip drive (256GB should be fine)





  1. Highlights Video - A powerful mix of highlights of your wedding edited to one song ~7-10 mins long

  2. Ceremony Video - 2 camera angles edited together with audio

  3. Speeches Video - A recording of all of the speeches

  4. 10 hours of coverage with 2 Cinematographer

  5. Drone Footage, 4K aerial footage of your Ceremony/Reception location

  6. Highest Quality 4K Video Recording

  7. Highest Quality Audio Recording

  8. Free Raw Footage, Just provide a zip drive (256GB should be fine)


-Additional Hours, Add extra time to fit your wedding day - $200/Hr
-Drone Footage, 4K aerial drone footage of your Ceremony/Reception location - $200
-Feature Edit, the feature length edit of your entire wedding including parts of morning, ceremony, speeches,
dances…everything condensed into a feature length video of the entire day ~30-40 Mins long - $1000

Testimonial ReView


Stephany Thomas

It’s been a great experience working with Dugan. I must say, he is not only highly experienced, but also he has been very cooperative with us. Especially, for me as a camera shy person, his working style and optimistic attitude was very helpful. Thanks Dugan!


Mark Taylor

I had a plan for wedding videography from the very beginning, but I wasn’t sure who could give me what i was hoping for. I wanted nothing cliché or by-the-book rather I was looking for something creative and timeless. Now, I can say that choosing Dugan and his brother over any other videographers we looked at was a great decision for us.


Simon Charles

Thanks to Dugan for such a wonderful and supportive service. I wasn’t at all sure if I could really deal with the camera and all that technical stuff. But Dugan made everything so easy and comforting for us. He is a pro has an adorable personality and I really appreciate that. Our video is absolutely amazing!!!!!


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